Manufacture Cosmetic, Cosmeceuticals Products in One Stop Services

We are top 5 cosmetic manufacture in Thailand which guaranteed by production capacity for 60 Million Baht per year and exported to 20 countries, we are certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and Halal Products. We offer building a brand , develop new formula (Research and Development) or (Standard Formula) in variety of categories such as  , Skincare, Acne Care, Wrinkle Relives, Body Lotion, Sun Protection, Fragrance, Hair Care, Spa Products and Herbal.

Manufacture Product Package in One Stop Service

One stop service,  one of in house production of plastic injection mould packaging factory, in house mould building, we are controlling and managing best quality and design,  to produce plastic packaging with less energy and waste.

Research and Development Formulation

Ours formulation expert team continually serve you, researching and benchmark formula, to maintain high quality and meet your satisfactory .

Cosmetics filling service.

We are leading manufacturer of perfume and cosmetic filling machines and lines, providing all solutions from the smallest to the fastest machines.  Ours state-of art clean room production facility are equipped and meet GMP standard.

Registration and copyright service

We provide service to register your cosmetics establishment with FDA to achieved register program. Additionally, we can provide export document such as certificate of origin ( CO ) ,  certificate of freesale.

Printing factory:

A One Stop Service, we invested in sophisticated printing machine to supply and support the growth of diverse range of printing, as well as maintaining quality to ours customer.

Packaging and Graphic Designer

Our Professional graphic designer team has created ideas to communicate your brand, logo, and product image to meet customer’s satisfactory.

Distribution : Channels & Logistic

We have experience in distribution channel chain, for  “ direct “ or “ indirect “ channel such as Modern Trade; 7-11, Boots, Watsons and Eveandboy and online such as Beautynista, Lazada and Konvy.

Create Strategic business plan and management

To achieve business, management of a business and the preparation of a plan are required, We have professional marketing team and business development team to create developing strategy plan and marketing in cosmetics business.

Building a brand

To build brand awareness and define your truly value of brand to differentiate product , you need brand builder to create it. We have professional team to make your brand success.

E-commerce and Online Marketing

E-commerce has become significantly growing, ours web designer has continually developing and creating to support online customer, leading you to online market.

Cosmetics training course

It is designed to help and introduce you cosmetic trend, market demand, and to create opportunity to start or increase your cosmetics business.